Welcome ...

TestShib(.org) was a testing service that was intended for new installations of Shibboleth and those who were exploring the capabilities of Shibboleth Identity Provider, Service Provider and SAML2 in general.

 The TestShib site has always been a community-maintained service underwritten by Internet2.  See "What's Changed" (right) for a little background.

New Options

Deploy your own Identity and/or Service provider

Internet2's Trust and Identity program, through the efforts of our dedicated community architects and practitioners, has produced ready-to-run Docker containers which can be deployed by anyone familiar with (or interested in learning) the docker-compose method of instantiating these containers in just about any environment!

You can learn more about Docker Layouts and Creating Local Containers on the Internet2 wiki.  If you are an implementer on your campus or institution, Internet2 encourages you to deploy your own Identity Provider and/or Service Provider for testing, which the community has made much easier using containers and docker-compose. For examples, you may find information we have provided on Internet2's GITHub repository to be useful. 

Docker Resources by the Community

The Shibboleth Identity Provider repository may be a good starting point for most implementers.  For Implementation on a Windows platform, there is a separate repository for those who are working without a virtual machine environment which may prove helpful to you.

More about Packages ....

For more information about the Packages produced through the TIER Program participants' extraordinary efforts, have a look at the Package Delivery pages on the Internet2 wiki.

Community Resources

One of the original creators of the TestShib service has built an alternative to TestShib for everyone's benefit.  The site is called SAMLTest (offered by Signet)* and you can learn more about them by browsing over to those locations.

*Note: Internet2 (as custodian of the testshib.org domain) provides this information to the community as a service and should not be construed as an endorsement for the use of these services.

Gratitude ...

For many years, the TestShib service was made available through the generosity of two dedicated community members, Kevin Foote and Nate Klingenstein, who devoted significant volunteer time in providing the underlying testing service.

Times have changed and so has the availability of the contributors! 

We thank Kevin and Nate for their hard work, dedication and contribution to the cause.

What's changed?

TestShib In Transition

Internet2's Trust and Identity program efforts, under the direction of our community leaders and working groups, have also changed the direction of TestShib

Although TestShib.org remains here to inform you about these changes, all functionality of the former TestShib.org site fell into disuse and the lack of support has prompted Internet2 to reimagine what functionality this site will provide in the future.

Community announcements will provide more information as the new purpose of this site emerges.

Until then - these pages have been updated to reflect the options available to those who are interested in learning more about Shibboleth and SAML2.