Lets begin

You've been tasked (or assigned) to get one or more of the Shibboleth products up and working in your local institution or environment.

Great! Your in luck. TestShib provides the second half of the equation you will need to test your new Shibboleth install.

The set of pages, linked here, will provide you with information you need to install Shibboleth as an identity provider (IdP) or a service provider (SP) and then test your new install with the TestShib service.

Port 80 and 443 need to be open, and your browser needs to be able to talk to both TestShib and your new provider. There is no need for direct communication between TestShib and your provider.

We would ask you to follow the instructions in the Wiki in order to install a new Shibboleth environment. However, any SAML 2.0 compliant provider can be tested here. You can install one side at a time.

House Keeping

Any sensitive data you release to us will be publicly available.

Keep your clock in sync.

The shibboleth wiki is the best place to find up-to-date and accurate information regarding the Shibboleth products.

Install IdP

If you'll be testing a Shibboleth IdP, installation of the IdP software should be done according to the instructions found in the Shibboleth Wiki.
See also: (previous V2 instructions)

After you finish, you'll need to register your new provider with TestShib.

Install SP

Installation of the SP varies depending on your environment. Please follow the instructions in the Wiki. Linux RPM installation for Apache is simplest.

After you're done, please register your new provider with TestShib.